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94, second Floor, Urban Estate, Phase-I Jalandhar, Punjab(India)-144022 Tel : +181 5025123 Mobile : 97812-85888 E-mail:info@goldwin.co.in

About Goldwin

Our Vision

Years of experience in marketing industry empowers us to understand customer requirements and articulate it through valuable products. We work actively on Sale,Promotion and Rewards, we practise the flexibility to adjust to your way of working, while adhering to our style of performance.We also focus on creating a hassle free life for our distributors and partners.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide consumers around the world with affordable and best quality products with an ease of paying amount into installments. We are committed to investing in our distributors, our company and the communities where we operate to help position the company for long-term, sustainable growth.

Our Goals

Our objective is to promote your business through creative communication, which will result in increasing both your customers and consequently your revenues.


Goldwin Founder- Satvir Banda

"Save energy today to better survive tomorrow"

A creative thinker and dynamic Leader in Network marketing since 2008,Satvir has a total marketing and communications experience of more than 10 years in all. He has all the required skills of an entrepreneur that include leadership, creative direction, use of technology & marketing. Goldwin founder Satvir Banda says that honesty is the most important part of any Business strategy and it always helps to groom your business.

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Paramjit Singh

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Branch Office

94, second Floor

Urban Estate, Pahse-I


Punjab (India)-144022

Tel : (01883) 500454

Mobile : 97812-85888

Head Office

DAV College Road

Opposite Chopra Hospital


Punjab (India)-144205

Tel : (01883) 500454

Mobile : 97812-85888

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× Terms & Policy

1. There will be total 1500 members in a Group and total rewards will be of 12 months.

2. There is no reward Gift will be deliver to winner if their current month instalment is not paid before 1st to 10th of the month.

3. No cash will be paid for Gold,RO Water Purifier, LED TV, Gas Burner and Microwave Oven as per given in Plan.

4. To be Eligible for reward, members have to pay instalments on time.

5. Cash rewards are paid after deducting TDS and GST as per Govt. rules.

6. Actual reward colour may differ, the reward images are for promotion.

7. The member who won reward, instalment will be stopped for him.

8. To qualify Level Income, member need to complete five sponsor under him directly. Level income will be up to 5 Levels only.

9. The amount of registration, govt. taxes, Insurance and accessories of vehicle will be paid by the winner himself.

10. Single leg rewards will be given up to 11 levels.

11. All rewards winner have to pay TDS amount on the total prize of rewards.

12. In case of any dispute, management decision will be final decision.

13. All trips will be of 4 nights and 5 days.

14. You can check status of your instalments by contacting us at 01815025123.

15. If continuous three instalments are bounced, then member will not get any reward and gift.

16. TDS as applicable and processing charges at 5% will be deducted from payout for Level Income.

17. If any member is taking part in talking bad words and criticizing about the management or companies member, then his/her Id will be terminated and no reward will be given.

18. Prize winner will have to provide us identity proof before taking the prize.